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Nadiya Jinnah is a three-culture citizen. Her parents, both of Indian descent, have diverse international backgrounds. Nadiya was born in Uganda, East Africa, where she spent her childhood and adolescent years. At age 17 she moved to London to study Painting and Sculpture. She finally fulfilled her dream and moved to New York City where she has been living for many years now. This blend of varied backgrounds has created what the artist describes as “a rich culmination of cultures which became a force of artistic inspiration.”

Nadiya explores these vast experiences in an artistic process that can be described as an introspective journey called “Life-Scapes.” Her fascination with the vast color palette in painting and the 3D experience of sculpture, she invented a process which combines both mediums. Each image starts by carving a clay surface to become a three-dimensional negative drawing ready for casting. This impression is transferred to a flexible material, that is stretched and or formed to be finally painted with oil colors. This intricate and meticulous process affords her an infinite variety of textures and depths in order to capture the feeling of an organic landscape-rocky surface, heather on the fields, or an ocean floor.

With years of meditation and combined with her spiritual understanding, she has come to accept her sensitivity to the existence of energy beyond the physical plane. Through her personal experience in astral travel, psychic surgery and studying different energy modalities her goal has been to be as clear a conduit as she can be to seed this “Consciousness” into creating “Art”. She says, “I thrive by exploring the Earth and its elements, the Cosmos with its infinite space and our humanness going through Global changes in today’s awareness with the existence of the quantum field.

Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions worldwide including those at the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair in Turkey, the Florence Biennale in Italy, the World Trade Center, Osaka Matsuzakaya Gallery, in Japan, and Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy, to name a few. Her work is also in many private, corporate and public collections including the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, AT&T Conference Center, and Heublein Inc., among others.

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